Terms and conditions

If you order an item from us and then regret it, full returns will apply right within 14 days of ordering.


If you wish to return an item, the following applies:

1: The item must not be used.

2: the item must be returned in original undamaged original packaging with all manuals, plastic protection etc. as when it was new in box.

The item must also not be shipped in the original packaging only, the original packaging of the goods must be packed as we do, in other packaging for and avoid damage to the original packaging.


3: If you wish to use your return right this must be agreed with us in advance.


4: The customer pays for costs with and returns an item, using his 14 day return right.

5: If you use your 14-day return policy, our shipping costs are not credited.

Our shipping costs are our shipping costs we have for and send the goods to you.

6: If you return an item you will also be charged for our work on packaging, preparation and stock return of the item,

Currently this fee is NOK 150.- incl. VAT

7: Returned goods that are sent without agreement are sent back to the customer, are not received by us.


Delivery items:

Items that are specially ordered can be returned within 14 days, but if you return a specially ordered item is charged

one for our shipping costs, packaging and preparation NOK 150.- and we deduct from 20% of the price of the product excluding VAT.



We comply with the terms of the Purchase Act under warranty, with the exception of battery packs where the warranty is 12 months.

In the case of warranty claims, the invoice must be accompanied by an explanation of the error.

The warranty does not apply where the customer himself has opened the product / intervened in the product, as the warranty is void.

By guarantee service, we cover the shipping costs back to the customer. The customer must send us the product himself or bring it to us.


Return uncollected packages.

If you do not pick up your package we will charge you for our return shipping costs, + in addition 150.- kr. for packaging, preparation and stock return of your item.


Cancellation :

If you cancel your item after we have sent it, we will credit you for the cost of the item, but we will charge you for our return shipping costs, as well as a fee of 150.- kr. for packaging, preparation and stock return of your item.


We reserve the right to make errors in our advertisements, such as typos, incorrect prices, stock numbers, etc.


All orders received before 12 o'clock on weekdays will be shipped the same day if they are in stock, all orders received after 12 o'clock will be shipped the next day.

All orders received on weekends are sent out on Mondays.


We only accept orders over our webshop. Exception is company order, we accept telephone and email orders.