Service reklamasjon og garanti

Service complaint and warranty

Service, complaints and warranty service.

We service our products.

Sitecom AS has all the authorizations in radio for import - export, sales, service and installations.

TUA - RIA etc.

We are also registered as a TV supplier with NRK.


For warranty reps, we send our HF radios to Service at factory workshops, Yaesu Factory Workshop, Kenwood Factory Workshop and Icom Factory Workshop,

You are therefore guaranteed as a customer that your HF radio is serviced by experienced BRAND service personnel.


At CB Radios and 10m radios we service the radios ourselves. Please note that we do not service CB and 10m radios that have not been purchased from us, this applies and paid service. 


Whether you want a radio service with us, be it warranty service or paid service (after the warranty period has expired), there is a minimum that applies.


1: The item must be purchased from us and a receipt for the purchase must be submitted or you as a customer must be able to tell us which month. and the year you purchased the product? That's it? Should not be so difficult to get.

2: An error description briefly must be enclosed.

3: When servicing HF radio within the guarantee period, we give free borrowing radio to those of our customers who want it.

Of course, we cannot offer all models to the customer's wishes, as this is a solution to help our customers. We have 2pc Yaesu FT-450DE

we give as borrowing radio. It may seem a little strange if you bought a "bigger" model, for example, but it goes without saying that we may not have all

Yaesu's HF models as loan radios. The FT-450 is an all round HF radio with antenna tuners and 160-10m + 6m band, should

be ok as an emergency solution for most radio amateurs.


From November 28, 2019, we have switched to another service shop at Yaesu service, which will result in a significantly shorter service time at Yaesu.


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