Uniden UBC 355CLT

Uniden UBC 355CLT

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Uniden UBC 355CLT


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Denne scanneren er takket være sin lave pris og prestanda vankelig og få tak i, vi har fått tak i et begrenset parti denne gangen.

Uniden UBC 355CLT is a quality base and mobile scanner in an elegant cabinet. Uniden UBC 355CLT is designed for home and mobile use, with a large speaker for excellent sound.

The fixed channels are placed in eight banks, where seven are pre-programmed for known frequencies, e.g. maritime and air frequencies. The famous Close Call function is good for programming frequencies in your neighbourhood, else you never know who is transmitting near you.

Included: AC adaptor, DC power cord, cigarette lighter cord, telescopic and window mount antenna, mounting bracket and owner’s manual.

Product data:
300 Channels
Frequency range: ■25-30 MHz Amateur band
■30-87 MHz Low VHF Land Mobile Radio
■108-137 MHz Air Craft Band
■137-174 MHz VHF Land Mobile Radio
■406-512 MHz UHF Land Mobile Radio
■806-960 MHz Public Service Band

8 Banks and 23 search Band
Close Call facility

Channels: 300
Scan speed: 50 step/sec.
Banks: 8 (7 are Pre-Programmed)
Receiver sensitivity: 0.4 ìV (VHF)
Antenna: 50 Ohm. BNC connector
Audio output: 650mW in 8 Ohm
Power supply: 12 VDC. Net adaptor
Dimensions: WxDxH 132x142x42 mm

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