KEP-240-VK security øremick

KEP-240-VK security øremick

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EP-240-VK security earmick security typemed air hose.

Used a lot by security and hunters.


Fits TYT radios, Baofeng radios, Kenwood radios, All our TYT radios and Anytone radios, but fits many more.


Professional headset microphone with built-in background noise filter (suppresses background noise during speech transmission)
with transparent spiral earphones hidden and discreet communication
perfectly sound, excellent and high voice transmission and playback
without compromise in quality - high quality connection cable
robust PTT transmit button with exact pressure point
rotatable metal clip at the back
transparent, comfortable earphones
Ideal for professional use in noisy environments

Angled Kenwood standard double track 3.5 / 2.5mm

Suitable  for the following radios (but they fit most Wouxun, TYT, Anytone and more ... KENWOOD

TK-2000 / TK-2302 / TK-2360 / TK-3000 / TK-3302 / TK-3360 / TK-3401D / TK-3501 / TK-D240-FN / TH-D72E / TH-D74E / TH-K20E / TH-K40E / NX-220 / NX-320 / NX-3220 / NX-3320 MAAS AHT-9-UV / AHT-28-V / AHT-78-U / PT-120 / PT-130 / PT-555 / PT-666-D / PT-819 TYT MD-380 / MD-390 / TH-UV6R / TH-UV8000D / TH-UV8200

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