HUAWEI F317 gsm bord mobiltelefon

HUAWEI F317 gsm bord mobiltelefon

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HUAWEI F317 gsm bord mobiltelefon


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HUAWEI F317 gsm bord mobiltelefon, nyhet, åpen bord mobil bygget på den gamle bord modell måten, med wired telefonrør unngår du også stråling fra mobiltelefonen, ypperlig som "fast"hustelefon, for eldre, i bobilen, hytta, stua, soverommet osv.



1, receive, send text messages

2, support USIM / SIM card and phone book backup feature between the fixed station

3,5 family members one touch dial key, a "Happy Online" button

4,64 polyphonic ringtones

5, support for GSM SIM

6, support handle or hands-free calls

7, support for emergency call services

8, the standard TNC antenna interface can be connected to indoor antennas;

9, support for receiving and sending short messages

10, support 10 kinds of 64 polyphonic ringtones selection

11, support five family members, one-touch dial key, a "Happy Online" button

12, frequency range: GSM SIM

13, the maximum transmit power: GSM : 24dBm [+1 /-3dBm]

14, the static sensitivity: GSM ~ 2025MHz: better than -108dBm/1.28MHz

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