Yaesu G-5500 Rotator

Yaesu G-5500 Rotator

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Azimuth-Elevation Combination for space communication.

Supplied Accessories:
40 m Control cable with Connector (*USA Version only)

For the world's largest selection of rotators made by a major radio manufacturer just ask for Yaesu. With seven different models to choose from, we provide rotators and controllers for light-duty VHF/UHF antennas large HF arrays, and Azimuth-Elevation combinations for satellite application. There is an impressive assortment for virtually every use. All Yaesu rotators are housed in weatherproof, die-cast aluminium enclosures and permanently lubricated for years of smooth, quiet operation. Yaesu rotators have a quiet, gear-reduction braking system.

• 450° Tuning Radius on Azimuth Models
• On models with DXA/DXC includes variable speed and preset position controls
• Quiet, gear reduction breaking system
• First most USA-made tower shelves
• User selectable North or South center
• 117V, 220V and 220V (CE)*1

Recommended Application: Azimuth-Elevation Combination for space communication
Wind Load: 1
K-Factor*³: 60
Stationary Torque: AZ: 4.000 kg/cm - EL: 4,000 kg/cm
Rotation Torque: AZ: 600 kg/cm - EL: 1.400 kg/cm
Max. Vert. Load: 30 kg
Max. Vert. Intermittent Load: 100 kg
Backlash: AZ: 1° - EL: 1°
Mast Size: AZ: 38~62 φ - EL: 38~62 φ
360° Rotation Time: AZ: 70 sec / 50 Hz - EL: 58 sec / 60 Hz
180° Elevation Time: EL: 80 sec / 50 Hz 67 sec / 60 Hz
Boom Diameter: EL 32~43 φ
Direct Control from Yaesu HF Radio: N/A
PC Control*5: O
Rotator Diameter x Height: 186 φ x 254 (W) x 350 (H)
Weight: 7,8 kg
Cable Requirement: 2x6
Supply AC Voltage: 117/220 V

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