TYT MD-2017 DMR Amateur Radio with Program Kit

TYT MD-2017 DMR Amateur Radio with Program Kit

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TYTERA MD-2017 Dualband DMR Tier2 5Watt IP67 Amateur radio with program kit included in the price.

NB This is an amateur radio for 2m and 70cm amateur bands.

Frequency range TX (transmitter) 144-146 MHz / 430-440 MHz Frequency range RX (receiver) 144-146 MHz / 430-440 MHz


The radio can be opened for listening, receive in the frequency range 136-174MHz and 400-480MHz (RX)


You can buy this radio, but for and transmit on the amateur bands you must have a valid Norwegian Radio amateur license from NKOM in Norway.


More info:


  • Backlit Color Display
  • Voice Prompts (English/Chinese)
  • Tier I & II
  • 12.5/25 kHz Selectable
  • DTMF Encode/Decode
  • Channel name setting

The TYT MD-2017 DMR dual band VHF/UHF handheld transceiver uses the latest TDMA - Time Division Multi Access technology. It also operates in traditional analog FM modes with 12.5 or 25 kHz channel operation. VHF operation is from 146-148 MHz and UHF Ham band. The radio features a large color display, VOX, text messaging, LED status, 3,000 memories, 10,000 contacts, CTCSS/DCS, battery meter, low battery alert. Compatible with Tier I & II MOTOTRBO™. The firmware is upgradable. RF power may be selected at 1 or 5 watts.

The radio comes with:  dual band antenna, belt clip, AC charger, 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery and owner's manual. USB programming cable and software CD are included from Norworld.

MOTOROLA, MOTOTRBO, are registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC.

OBS! Unngå pirat programvare. Benytt alltid orginal programvare. Kjøper du denne radioen råder vi deg til ta kontakt med folk i din amatør radio gruppe  hjelpe deg legge inn repeater kanaler, og DMR ting og tang. De fleste grupper av NRRL i norge har veldig gode folk på DMR radio, godt råd, rot deg ikke bort, be heller en radioamatør venn om hjelp, det er alltid den beste løsningen.

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