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MIDLAND M-MINI / K-100 / Millenium Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

MIDLAND M-MINI / K-100 / Millenium Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver

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MIDLAND M-MINI / K-po K100 / Millenium, The radio is sold under many names but it is exactly the same radio.

Multi Channel CB Mobile Transceiver, small lightweight elegant high performance ...


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We have the pleasure in introducing the new MIDLAND multi‐media mini CB
M‐MINI represents the state‐of‐the‐art in technology and engineering; it’s a
compact and discreet radio with an extremely reduced dimension – only 110 x
120 x 25mm ‐, specifically designed to be positioned in little spaces inside your
vehicle. Being so smallsize, M‐MINI does not need to be installed like the
standard CB radios, you can just place or put it wherever you want in your car or
Like the most up‐to‐date transceivers on the market, also M‐MINI opens the
door to wireless communications to finally use the CB remotely! In fact it is equipped with a 2 PIN Midland socket that allows the connection to the
Bluetooth adaptor WA‐CB; then you can choose amongst the Bluetooth
earphone/mikes of the WA line (WA21, WA31, WA29, WA‐PTT, all supplied
with PTT button) or the new Bluetooth microphone WA‐MIKE, with which you
can get out of your vehicle and communicate up to a distance of 10m or even
make and receive phone calls!
M‐MINI is a Multistandard transceiver that incorporates the main European
frequency bands.
The metal chassis makes of M‐MINI an extremely robust and sturdy
equipment and with an elegant design at the same time.
M‐MINI is also supplied with some functions, easily selectable through the
buttons in the front panel, such as the manual or digital (DS) squelch
adjustable in different sensitivity levels (28 and 9 respectively), the emergency channels 9/19 (EMG) or RF GAIN (RFG).

What’s in the box
  • M‐MINI transceiver
  • Microphone with PTT/UP‐DOWN buttons
  • Mounting bracket and fixing screws

    Technical specifications
  • 40CH AM/FM CB transceiver
  • Selectable frequency bands: I, I2, D4, EU, EC, PL, UK, IN;
  • Output power: 4W AM/FM
  • Manual or digital squelch
  • EMG button for the immediate selection of the emegency channels (9 or 19)
  • 2 PIN Midland socket for the connection of external accessories
  • Weight: 450gr
  • Dimensions: 110x25x120mm


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