4pers camo tent, simple. affordable and good

4pers camo tent, simple. affordable and good

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4pers camo tent, easily affordable and good   


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One all-round tent, though this is not a double tent this is a single 4 person Camo tent for summer and autumn use.


Tough camouflage tent for hunting, fishing, photo quests, festival what ever.


Hunting tents, holiday tents, mountain tents. the model Hunter 1 is suitable for everything from hunting to photo quests to hiking and camping, many opportunities thanks to camouflage color. Direct from own factory at special price! Model Hunter 1 is a single tent for summer autumn use, we have developed the model with an extreme cloth so that even though the model is not a double tent it holds up well in rainy weather. For 4 people. Measures 200x200x150cm. Extra plug mountings for mountain use. The tent stands by itself without plugs if there is an urgent need to "house". Great tent for hiking, hunting, fishing, and regular camping. Model Hunter is also lightweight, 1.65kg. Mosquito net in door, good ventilation that can also be closed. Water column 3000mm 

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