Power inverter 12V/230V 1000W

Power inverter 12V/230V 1000W

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Power inverter 12V / 230V 1000W


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Inverter - The inverter produces an alternating current of 12V from a DC voltage of 230V. This makes it possible to connect a variety of 230 V appliances to a power source such as a car, a boat, a solar-powered cabin or a campsite. Ideal for connecting digital camera, mobile phone, notebook, lamp, CD / DVD player, radio, etc. The inverter is also equipped with a USB port for powering various devices from the USB 2.0 interface. The unit contains protection against reverse polarity, low / high voltage, short circuit, overload, overheating and high / low battery voltage. Technical data: Output: 1000W (continuous) / 2000W (peak) Frequency: 50/60 Hz Form: Modified sinusoid Input power: 12V DC Output power: 230V AC

USB power port: 5V
Dimensions: 275 x 208 x 77 mm
Weight: 2400 g

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