8 amp battery charger

8 amp battery charger

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8 Ampere battery charger.


More info:

8Amp Charger 6 / 12V TÜV / GS ARCUS
Celokovová automatic battery charger 6V or 12V. This charger is designed to charge maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with a capacity of 80 Ah.

This is an automatic charger, the charge current is automatically adjusted as needed. The current state of charge of the battery meter shows on the front panel of the charger. During charging, the charging current value decreases depending on where the battery is charged. The charger is equipped with a fuse.

Technical data:
Accumulator: 6 / 12V, 2-80Ah
Rated: 230V-50H / 88W
6V Rated Output LOW: 6V = 0.85 (eff.) / 0.55 (Arith.)
Rated Power 6V HI: 6V = 8A ( eff.) / 4.6 (Arith.)?
Rated Power 12V LOW: (.EFF) 12V = 1.2A / 0.8A (Arith.)
12V Rated Output HI: 12V = 6.5A / 4.5a (Arith.) (Eff.)
Charge Type: Automatic
Protection: IP 20
Color: Red
Power Cable: about 160 cm
Car Cables: about 160 cm
Dimensions: 205 x 115 x 150 cm
mounted fuse: 10A

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