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MAAS HCS-3600 60 ampere Powersupply

MAAS HCS-3600 60 ampere Powersupply

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MAAS HCS-3600 60 Amp Powersupply


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Efficient Switching Power Supply with modern ventilation technology, compact dimensions and high RF immunity.

The fan adapts automatically to the power required and is not permanently at high speed.

Output voltage and amps are infinitely variable and can be read on the digital display.

With this power supply, you can make three basic settings.


Operating voltage 200-240 VAC 50/60 Hz

1-15 volt DC adjustable output voltage

Adjustable output current 0-60 amps

Efficiency 85%

Ripple and noise (rms) Voltage: 5 mV
peak-peak voltage: 50 mV

Voltage regulator Voltage
regulation Load (10-100% load): 50 mV Line voltage regulation (170-264V AC): 20 mV

Power Factor Control Power Factor Correction> 0.95 at optimal load

Features and Equipment Digital Display (3 Digits Separated 2x Volt for Amps and Amps
Front Ports for Small Consumers (up to 5 Amps)
Main Output on the Back (Up to Max 60 Amps)

Reverse remote control
switch (wired remote control possible) Volt and Amp regulator can be turned in Either "smooth" and very precise or express only faster readings.

Overload safety

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