10 security UHF radios, professional package

10 security UHF radios, professional package

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UHF  radios , 10 pcs. in the package.  We sell  at the lowest price  in Europe.  
The package consists of:

     Baofeng UHF Radios

  • 1  padded and  sturdy  aluminum case .
  • 10  pro  UHF  radios,  all  pre-programmed with  license- free  channels ( 8 channels)
  • 10  logical  chargers
  • 5  standard  headset for  hands-free  use .
  • 5 pcs monophone, mick
  • Supplied as license-free radio in 0.5 watts
  • can also be delivered in 4 watt UHF version if you have your own license or apply for your own license.

Comes in   sturdy  aluminum case  with room for  all the equipment , so everything  is safe.  
For   traffic control ,  organizations ,  sports clubs , resorts,  etc.  
In stock for  immediate delivery .


Can and be programmed with their own licensed frequencies without any extra cost.

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