Motorola Talkabout T42 twin-pack rød

Motorola Talkabout T42 twin-pack rød

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Mere info:

Motorola T42 Talkabout is a great starter walkie talkie for family and friends taking part in outdoor activities.


This Motorola radio works on the PMR446 frequency which is the European Union standard for radios and is approved for use in the UK and European Union.


With a range of up to 4km the T42 is simple to use and easy to pair and has 16 channels available to use.



Motorola T42 Talkabout Key Features:


  • PMR446 radios - license free
  • Easy pairing
  • Up to 4km range*
  • 16 Channels**
  • Low battery warning indicator
  • Keypad lock
  • Scan / monitor
  • Call alert tone
  • Keypad tones
  • Personalization stickers


Motorola T42 Twin Pack Includes:


  • 2 walkie-talkies
  • 2 belt clips
  • 16 personalization stickers
  • Instruction manual

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